Rate included maximum of 2 persons. Third person is not allowed to stay without registration, and extra fees applied.  Extra beds are available upon request except for standard rooms.

Reservation Policies

E-mail Reservation
You can request booking via As soon as we receive your request, we will reply to you within 24 to 48 hours.

Online Reservation
Booking on River View Residence website is recommended as it is easy and fast. First, check for room availability and then make a booking. Reservation system will respond to you immediately.

Booking on third parties’ websites is subjected to Terms and Conditions as stated at by other websites.

Please note that electronic reservation confirmations are provided solely for your convenience, as the residence retains official records of our reservation transactions, including details of dates of stay and room rates. In the event of discrepancies, alterations, modifications, or variations between the confirmation and our official records, our official records shall prevail. Tampering with a confirmation to alter the room rate, or any other reservation information, is strictly prohibited and may have legal consequences.

For reservations guaranteed with any forms of payment at the time of booking, rooms are held until hotel check-out time the day following arrival. For reservations not guaranteed with a form of payment at the time of booking, it is obligatory to give us Arrival Time, rooms are held three hours after Arrival Time, and will be released if we have not heard from you.

In the event that more guests arrive than can be accommodated due to hotel overbooking or an unforeseen circumstance, and the hotel is unable to hold rooms consistent with this room hold policy, the hotel will refund in full-amount in Thai Baht, and attempt to find alternative accommodation.

Booking Alteration
Once a reservation is made and later you need to change your booking, please contact us 3 days before arrival or as soon as possible by e-mail and we will do our best to accommodate you, subjected to availability. This change will need to be confirmed by the residence before being valid and will follow the residence’s reservation policy. The residence will notify by e-mail if this change is possible and the approximate cost of this change.

Room Rates
All room rates are net per room per night in single, double or quadruple  occupancy, including local taxes. Additional persons will be charged for the extra bedding.  Breakfast is not included.

Rates are applicable according to the time of the year indicated and subjected to change without prior notice. Rates are in Thai BAHT and may be converted into your local currencies based on the recent date currency exchange of the bank.

Early Check-in and Late Check-out Rate
Please note the following early check-in and late check-out policies:

  • Check-in prior to 6 a.m. will result in a one night charge. For example, if you check-in at 3 a.m. Sunday morning and check-out on Monday, you will be charged for 2 nights of Saturday and Sunday.

  • Check-in prior to 2 p.m. will result in a half of one night charge.

  • Check-out after 12 p.m. and prior to 6 p.m. will result in a half of one night charge.

  • Check-out after 6 p.m. will result in a one night charge.

Payment Policy
You can request booking via email As soon as we receive your request, we will reply to you within 24 to 48 hours.

Cancellation Policy


Cancellation Fee
Depend on your booking conditions.

No Penalty
If you need to cancel your reservation, at least 72 hours or more for a notice prior to the check-in time on the day of arrival must be given to River View Residence. Cancellation should be initiated by and from your email, read and accepted by our reservation staff. A cancellation number will be issued and should be noted.

100% Penalty
For the guest who fails to arrive (No Show) and any cancellations less than 72 hours in advance of arrival, the guesthouse reserves the right to charge your credit card for 100% of your booking.

Any refund, after the penalty and cancellation fee, shall be returned to the original credit card only in the form of a credit to your card account. All credit card refunds will be processed in a timely manner. The refunds process is dependent on your billing cycle with the credit card company. Once the refund instructions leave our office it can take anywhere from 15-45 business days for the proceeds to arrive in your account.

ID Requirement
Guests must present a valid passport and ID at check-in. We refuse to accommodate those who are unable to show a passport or a valid ID.

Number Of Guests
Rate included maximum of 2 persons. Third person is not allowed to stay without registration, and extra fees applied.  Extra beds are available upon request except for City Delight and Young Travelers rooms.

Visitors And Joiners
Visitors who wish to spend the night with our registered guests required to deposit the passport or a valid ID at the reception upon arrival. A passport will be released only upon our registered guest’s permission.

Cleaning Policy
River View Residence provides room cleaning during your stay every day. It’s our policy to save water and limit amount of detergent released to sewage system. This will result in towels, bed sheets and pillow cases scheduled.

Security & Liability
Safety comes first at River View Residence. We have CCTV camera in public areas and doors are operated by electronic key cards. However, valuables hold by our guests must be taken care by your own risk. It is your responsibility to place valuable items in your securely locked luggage. We are NOT responsible for any losses occurred on our property.

Privacy Policy
At River View Residence, we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of any personally identifiable information you provide to us. Furthermore, we collect information only in a manner deemed reasonably necessary to serve our legitimate business purposes and comply with our legalobligations. We will not disclose your personal information (names, emails, telephone numbers, addresses, passport scans, list of passengers, etc) with any third party. This protects confidential information from misuse, loss and interception






“They have something which even the real five star hotels in Bangkok miss; open-air balconies overlooking the river and its fascinating life. The rooms are big and clean, friendly staff, situated in a special area with its early morning markets and just next to the exiting Chinatown. Add to this also the nice roof top restaurant with a beautiful outlook over Bangkok – plus good Thai food – and one can find it happy to be in Bangkok. It is an extra advantage to be able to avoid the car queues and instead have an express-boat stop just nearby, at Harbor Department.

This place is full of good things. One more is the very cheap prices – like 10 Euro for a double room with balcony, fan + big shower room and toilet. I found this place 15 years ago and have lived there as many times and always been happy there.”